ANT ID™ delivers more than just functions. It offers you the unique solution to solve your IT pains and the challenges that your business might tackle in its growth.

Like an industrious ant carrying many times its weight, our solution shoulders the heavy burden of complex IT operations to simple, adaptable, and effective business practices

Upgrade your legacy applications with Single Sign-On

In today’s market landscape, numerous applications continue to operate on legacy authentication protocols such as NTLM, Kerberos, HTTP Basic, and Web form. Recognizing this market need, ANT ID™ offers a solution for legacy Single Sign-On (SSO). This means that even as the industry transitions, ANT ID™ remains adaptable, providing seamless access to less recent systems

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Maximize Certificate Management with ANT CMAS

The situation demanded a robust solution, and that’s where ANT ID™ stepped in with its Certificate Management Automation System (CMAS). ANT ID™ technologies revolutionized their certificate management process, alleviating the burden on their two-person team

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ANT AM helps speeding up your onboarding process

Build up your tailored onboarding procedure for welcoming new employees and partners and experience an accelerated registration and greater security

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Feel free to organize and manage your secrets: get into ANT ID™ Vault!

Unlock the power of secure storage with our Secret Manager in ANT PAM. Safeguard your sensitive data with ease, discovering a range of customizable options for seamless secret management

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