Upgrade your legacy applications with Single Sign-On (SSO)

In today’s market landscape, numerous applications continue to operate on legacy authentication protocols such as NTLM, Kerberos, HTTP Basic, and Web form. Recognizing this market need, ANT ID™ offers a solution for legacy single sign-on (SSO). This means that even as the industry transitions, ANT ID™ remains adaptable, providing seamless access to less recent systems.

Furthermore, ANT ID™ extends its capabilities to cover SSO for web applications through injection of credentials. This innovative approach ensures that users can effortlessly navigate and interact with web-based platforms, all while maintaining the convenience and security of single sign-on.

In addition to web applications, ANT ID™ goes a step further to support fat client applications. With desktop agent support for both Windows and Linux systems, ANT ID™ can inject credentials using a ‘step keystroke’ scenario. This means that users of these applications can enjoy the benefits of single sign-on without the hassle of repeatedly entering their credentials.

Enjoy the compatibility, efficiency, and adaptability of ANT ID™ SSO capabilities!